Squadron Sponsoring Committee

The Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC) is made up of a group of volunteers who are critical in ensuring the success of the Squadron. The SSC is responsible for managing the finances of the Squadron. In addition to this, the SSC:

  • arranges facilities for training and other activities
  • sells OPC Lottery Tickets, which supports our Provincial Gliding Program
  • assists with the Effective Speaking Competition
  • assists in the Merit Review Board

How is the Squadron Funded?

Each squadron receives a certain amount of money from Department of National Defense (DND) which covers uniforms for cadets, wages for staff, funding for mandatory training activities, as well as a small portion of the operating costs of the squadron.

All other expenses are funded by the SSC. These include items such as: rent, operating expenses (office supplies, instructional supplies), optional/supplemental training activities (location costs, meals, etc.), special events, social activities, the Annual Ceremonial Review, awards, prizes, and much more.

How Does the SSC Raise Funds?

We receive funds from our official sponsor, Pickering Kinsmen and Kinettes Club, however its not enough to cover the annual expenses of the Squadron. To meet the needs of the squadron we participate in the Delta Charity Bingo, Tag Days and welcome Corporate and individual donations.

For more information about or revenue and expenses breakdown, you can view our Canadian Charitable Organization page.


Below you will see the current membership of the 856 Squadron Sponsoring Committee.

Mrs. Pascoe
Mrs. Passmore
Mrs. Joshua
Member at Large
Mr. Constantinescu
Mr. MacInnis
Admin Fee Coordinator
Mrs. Mistry
Bingo Coordinator
Mr. Vitol
Bingo Schedule Coordinator

Contact the SSC

Have a question or want to join the SSC? Use the contact form below to contact the SSC.