Officers & Civilian Instructors


The officers of the Cadet Instructor Cadre (CIC) are members of the Canadian Armed Forces Reserve as part of the Cadet Organizations Administrative and Training Service (COATS). The CIC consists of approximately 7,800 commissioned officers whose primary duty is the safety, supervision, administration, and training of the over 52,000 Cadets ages 12–18 in the Canadian Cadet Organization. The officers listed below are the officers who oversee our Squadron. If you are interested in joining the Staff, please send us a message from the Contact page.

Maj Neujahr
Commanding Officer, Effective Speaking Officer
Capt Decock
Webmaster, Competition Air Rifle Team Officer, Assistant Administration Officer, Community Services Officer
Capt Lassalle
Acting Commanding Officer, Level 2 Officer, Phase Officer
Lt Kovac
Adjutant, Level 4 Officer, National Courses Officer
Lt Roberts
Training Officer, Air Rifle Team Coach, Level 5 Officer

Civilian Instructors

Civilian Instructors are civilian members who bring specialized knowledge and skills to the cadet program. Civilian Instructors assist in the safety, supervision, administration, and training of the cadet program.

CI Blight
Recruit, Level 1 Officer, Band Master
CI Kushner
Supply Officer, Air Rifle Team Administrator
CI Maddeaux
Administration Officer, Drill Team Officer, Summer Course Officer
CI Maharaj
Level 3 Officer, Band Instructor
CI Thompson
Assistant Level 3 Officer